Our Farm

Bent Fork Farm was born in 2017 in the fertile Lost Nation neighborhood of Lancaster, NH. Our farm has been a group effort from the beginning. Thanks to the support of several good neighbors who let us till up an acre of the hayfield across the street make use of nearby cider mill for washing and packing, we expanded our large family garden into a small market farm. After growing and learning in Lancaster for 3 years, we finally landed at our home in Bethlehem NH; an old farm complete with 10 acres of overgrown pasture, 20 acres of woods and a fixer upper farm house. We are so glad to be able to put down roots, both literally and figuratively, and continue our farm’s story on this magical piece of land.

Since its conception, our farm’s practices have been based on low tillage and low input philosophies. We utilize solar mulches and surface tillage to minimize weed pressure and seek to avoid unnecessary deep tillage that inverts and disrupts the natural ecosystems of our soil. We are excited and inspired by the grass roots innovation emerging from today’s small scale farming community and are constantly looking to our peers across the county and world for ideas to better our farming system. Each year is a learning experience and we are always finding ways to increase our efficiency, lessen our footprint and continue doing what we love.

Though we are not certified organic, we do not use synthetic herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers on our land and try to farm in a way that builds, rather than degrades, our soil. Our goal is to bring you the best tasting produce, the longest lasting flowers and the specialty and heirloom varieties you won’t find anywhere else.