CSA UPDATE: One Week Delay! First pickup will be Wednesday 6/21. Check your emails for info about a makeup share week!


Bent Fork is a small farm growing produce and cut flowers in the beautiful town of Bethlehem, New Hampshire. We (Bridget and Ben Prinkki, our family, and the million people who have helped us along the way) have been growing the best food and flowers in the best way we know how since 2017. Our mission is to fill bellies and hearts with seasonal bounty and beauty while acting as good stewards of the land. We farm for the love of the land we have the privilege of living on, for the joy of feeding our family and community, and for the love of watching things grow.

Our farm is tiny by modern standards; our hilltop gardens total just about 2 acres. But we can grow a lot! Every season we learn a little bit more about how to use our garden space most efficiently and how to maintain the health of our soil and its biome. With our farm as small as it is, we can remain deeply connected with every inch of our garden space. We try and keep our focus on building the health of the soil rather than the more visible health of our plants, and our low-till system attempts to prioritize the well-being of the ecosystem of bacteria and fungi that we can’t see.