Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, consists of a community of individuals who pledge support to a farm operation and, in return, receive a share of the food the farm produces at a discounted rate. CSA members pay for a share prior to the start of the season, which provides capital in the spring when the farmer’s costs are greatest, while  also creating a responsible and reciprocal relationship between the customers, the food, the land, and those who grow it.

Our farm share program follows the traditional CSA model. Members buy a share in the spring and in return receive a season’s worth of produce and/or flowers, picked up each week at the farm. Our members go home with a basket full of the best the season has to offer and enjoy at least a 15% discount (often more) off our market prices. The produce in each week’s pickup will include a variety of in-season grocery staples such as lettuce, carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes,  as well as some more “adventurous” vegetables, like pac choi, heirloom tomatoes, or radicchio. We aim to design shares that can be easily integrated into your family’s weekly menu of fresh, creative recipes.

  • Eat great.  You and your family will get weekly infusions of the freshest, most ethically grown produce and have delicious veggies on hand for every meal. You’ll get enjoy the vegetables you know and love and experiment with a few you don’t. We’ll include some amazing but simple recipes for inspiration.
  • Save money. The CSA model is a great way to feed your family local, organically grown produce at a discounted rate.
  • Stock up. Our CSA members will be the first to know about deals on bulk or seconds produce for canning. Many of our past CSA families have frozen or canned “extras” and enjoyed our produce for months after their weekly pickups were over.
  • Support your local economy. Joining our CSA means 100% of your weekly produce dollars are kept in our community.
  • Build community. Nothing brings people together like food. Our weekly CSA pickups and harvest potluck are a great platform for building relationships with your farmers and your neighbors.