Our Veggies

When we started Bent Fork Farm, our mission was to grow supremely delicious produce and beautiful blooms for our family and our community while remaining good stewards of the land. Though we are not certified organic, we aim to meet and exceed USDA standards and try to farm in a way that is most responsible to our land and our community.  For us, this has been an on going learning process as we build our relationship with our soil and the biome we farm within.

Because of our size of our farm (were growing on less than 2 acres) and the terrain (steep and full of ledge) we are a mostly human-powered operation. Since we don’t use a tractor or other heavy machinery in the garden, our crops can be grown at the tight spacings with the intensive successions that do not allow our small farm to be as productive as it is. Working with our feet on the ground gives us the very personal relationship with our crops and soils that informs much of how we farm.

At Bent Fork Farm, we grow the full rainbow of veggies: everything from pre-washed salad greens to heirloom tomatoes. Our produce availability varies by season- stay up to date with our weekly offerings on Facebook and Instagram.