Our Flowers

Our flowers are grown with the intention of bringing you the freshest, most brilliant expression of each season. From spring to fall, our fields are an evolution of blooms; narcissus and tulips in spring, zinnias and snapdragons in summer, sunflowers and dahlias in early fall, and countless other unique varieties. We specialize in uncommon varieties of dahlias, zinnias and sunflowers and seasonally composed mixed bouquets.

You can get your hands on our flowers each week at the Littleton Farmers Market and Lancaster Farmers Market, through our Flower Club or by contacting us for special orders.

Like our vegetables, our flowers are grown as sustainably as possible and are free of chemical pesticides. Our hope is to bring a little beauty to our customers without sacrificing the bees and other pollinators that enjoy our flowers as well. Unlike grocery store bouquets that are often laced with pesticides and flown from across the globe, our flowers are grown right down the street and often cut only hours before they make it to your doorstep.