IIMG_2235 am a southern California native who found my way across the country through a winding journey of seasonal work and adventure. After graduating from San Jose State University with an anthropology degree, I took a hiatus from academia to volunteer on a small organic farm in Arizona. I discovered my love for hard, dirty work and heirloom tomatoes and never looked back. I found my way to northern New Hampshire through a job with Mount Cabot Maple, where Ben and I have been sugaring during the winters since 2011. Despite the decidedly un-Californian winters, I’ve come to love the intensity and beauty of New England seasons and the community we’ve found in the north country. I’ve spent years working on organic vegetable farms, both large and small, gathering the skills and inspiration I’d need to launch Bent Fork Farm.  Things I love include: unicorn hunting with my girls, inappropriately shaped carrots, a nice organized mess, a good beer and a mailbox full of seed catalogs.



img_1392.jpgI grew up in Red Lodge, Montana, helping on my family’s dairy and grass hay farm and playing ninja. I’ve studied English and poetry at University of Maryland, brewed beer Red Lodge Ales, learned the art of a New England stone wall and mastered the alchemy of turning sap to syrup. At Bent Fork Farm, I’m the go to guy for tomato stake pounding, squash hauling and carrot bunching, and you can always count on me to take care of a cold beer at the end of a long row.  Things I love include: playing daddy beast, taking backroads, the poem of the day, a nice topper stone, and homegrown BLTs every day of August.



Wendelle and Harlow.


IMG_1283Our girls are the heart of our farm and why we do what we do. Wendelle loves snacks, ballerinas, empty boxes, poking holes in plastic mulch, and picking things before they’re ready. Harlow enjoys drinking milk, things that crinkle just right, bulb crate cribs and a good fistful of hair.

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